28 Oct 2011


Here's a little drawing I did of a duck! More to come...

(pencil, fine liner, watercolour pencil and crayon)

13 Oct 2011


On 25th September I took part in The Big Draw's Big Splash. The launch of the annual, month long festival was at the King's Place, London and opened by the incredible Quentin Blake, who went on to do an impressive drawing infront of the crowd. Amongst helping out with other bits and bobs I had a great time assisting Joe Berger, Linda Scott and Nina Chakrabarti with their workshops. There were all sorts of activities going on including life drawing, making comics, fashion fanzines, bubble writing and making tin foil boats. Being able to work with such passionate, renowned artists is a brilliant way to get children inspired by art, giving them creative opportunities they may miss out on at school and home.

Quentin Blake cutting the ribbon and drawing

Nadia Shireen drawingsome of the Paper Jukebox crew volunteers