26 Dec 2011


A cheerful Robin card for Christmas 2011.
(A5 pencil, watercolour crayon, watercolour pencil, coloured fineliner, graphite)

21 Nov 2011


Volume Magazine have featured Paper Jukebox as the 'Illustration Collective of the Week' click here to view the post.

15 Nov 2011


A squirrel! Drawn for a card...

(pencil, graphite, water colour pencils and crayon, fineliner)

13 Nov 2011


I have currently got a selection of Illustrations on show at the Bicentenary Old Caterhamians’ Exhibition in the Christine Walker Gallery, Caterham until 25th November 2011.

28 Oct 2011


Here's a little drawing I did of a duck! More to come...

(pencil, fine liner, watercolour pencil and crayon)

13 Oct 2011


On 25th September I took part in The Big Draw's Big Splash. The launch of the annual, month long festival was at the King's Place, London and opened by the incredible Quentin Blake, who went on to do an impressive drawing infront of the crowd. Amongst helping out with other bits and bobs I had a great time assisting Joe Berger, Linda Scott and Nina Chakrabarti with their workshops. There were all sorts of activities going on including life drawing, making comics, fashion fanzines, bubble writing and making tin foil boats. Being able to work with such passionate, renowned artists is a brilliant way to get children inspired by art, giving them creative opportunities they may miss out on at school and home.

Quentin Blake cutting the ribbon and drawing

Nadia Shireen drawingsome of the Paper Jukebox crew volunteers

21 Aug 2011


Some of my prints are now for sale through the South West Artwork online shop, alongside other great pieces from artists all over the South West: www.southwest-artwork.co.uk/shop/annette-johns-m-47.html

If you have any further enquiries about them/other artwork you are interested in please contact me contact@annettejohns.com

28 Jul 2011


I will be exhibiting work at the Show & Tell Pop Up Shop in the South West Artwork display at St Peter's Hall, Bournemouth from 29th-31st July; all of my artwork will be on sale. There will be a great range of art and handmade goods on show from local artists - definitely worth a visit!

22 Jul 2011


I made this fruity card with summer in mind!


Here's a few photos of my work exhibited at 'BRINK', which was open from 7th-11th July 2011 in The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. The ant from one of my pieces was taken, amongst others, vectorised and made into a vinyl and placed in the show!

The A3 prints are each on sale as a limited edition of 10, for more information please contact me on contact@annettejohns.com


At the 'BRINK' exhibition I was approached by Byron Mae, giving exposure to a wide range of artists around London he asked to interview me about my work:

29 Jun 2011


From 7th-11th July I will be exhibiting at the AUCB Illustration show 'BRINK' at Free Range, Brick Lane, London, along with Fine Art and Architecture. I have created these two additional pieces which will be alongside my series of outcomes from my final project. The other 6 illustrations can currently be seen on show at the Illustration Degree Show AUCB, Bournemouth.

The A3 prints are on sale as a limited edition of 10, for further enquires please email contact@annettejohns.com

22 Jun 2011


I have recently begun an internship with South West Artwork; a company devoted to the promotion of art culture in the South West of England, giving artists opportunities to exhibit and publicise their work. Amoungst other things, I will be updating their blog and social network sites (facebook, twitter), keeping artists informed of upcoming projects as well as sourcing artwork to sell in the Boscombe based shop 'What Alice Found' so keep your eyes peeled!

If you are interested in selling artwork or have any further enquiries please get in touch.

8 Jun 2011


A card I produced, which can be used for different occasions. I am thinking of creating a series similar to this:

(ladybird detail)

7 Jun 2011


Given a very quick turnaround, I produced this cover for Dubba Jonny's next release of 'What Have You Got/Space Blasters' on the new label Liyan Records, unfortunately shortly after the tracks for release were changed so my artwork won't be used. I am currently building a website for Liyan Records, which should hopefully be up and running in the next few days.

10 May 2011


These Illustrations are my final outcome for my degree, they are to be viewed as a series showing the beauty of the creatures as they are being tortured. Portraying repression, selfishness and inconsideration for others, showing how dark and twisted the world we live in is:

Massive thanks to everyone that's helped me along the way!

8 May 2011


On 1st May I went to The Big Collab at Sherbet Lounge, Bournemouth, with four others from Paper Jukebox team. We produced a collaborative piece involving drawing, painting and collage, alongside an exhibition of artwork from everyone in the collective.

28 Apr 2011


My portfolio is now live on the Free Range website - the 3rd Year final exhibition 'BRINK' will be on show from 7th-11th July 2011, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.


10 Apr 2011


I have been continuing with the idea of using animals as a metaphor for repression, looking at circus' and the way in which animals are forced to live outside of their natural habit, and in some cases abused, for the amusement of others. Here's a couple of examples:

(flea circus)


On 2nd April I headed down to 'Cupcake Camp Bournemouth' with some of the Paper Jukebox team to create a crafty collaboration of cupcakes! Surrounded by literally thousands of cakes we had no end of inspiration to draw from and came up with this:

1 Apr 2011


On 30th March Paper Jukebox had their first live art event at Sherbet Lounge, Bournemouth. We themed the boards around the night, which was based on Alice in Wonderland, making the boards into playing cards of various sorts. I was doing a collaboration with Sophie Rae and we took the idea of using the two heads from the playing cards combining a cockerel and zebra to fit in with the entrancing, weird world of Alice:


I produced this card for Mother's Day 2011:

31 Mar 2011


I have made a mask for the dubstep artist Rockso to wear during sets...who is the man behind the mask?! Now you'll never know!


25 Mar 2011


On 9th March I played a big part in the organisation and hosting of a pancake themed fund raiser event, ‘TOSS OFF’, for my 3rd Year Final Illustration show. The night was a great success, we packed out The Winchester (Bournemouth) and managed to raise a very respectable sum. The event involved a pancake tossing competition (hence the name), pancake eating, a pancake themed burlesque act, various DJ’s, an art sale, a spray on tattoo stand and vodka jelly shots!

The end of year AUCB Illustration show ‘BRINK’ will be held at Free Range, Brick Lane, London 7th-11th July 2011: http://www.free-range.org.uk/


Here are some photos of my illustration at the DreamBox exhibition at The Lighthouse, Poole on 5th March:

For further information: http://dreamboxexhibition.tumblr.com/

22 Feb 2011


I have been working from the poem 'Toads' by Philip Larkin, the general theme running throughout it being about how society represses individuals and the expectations in place which cannot be broken so those living in such a society can never truely be free. I have taken these ideas as inspiration for imagery.
These are also some of the first images in which I have begun to experiment with combining my two styles of working:

this final image was exhibited at the DreamBox exhibition at The Lighthouse in Poole on 5th March, for further information: http://dreamboxexhibition.tumblr.com/