28 Jul 2011


I will be exhibiting work at the Show & Tell Pop Up Shop in the South West Artwork display at St Peter's Hall, Bournemouth from 29th-31st July; all of my artwork will be on sale. There will be a great range of art and handmade goods on show from local artists - definitely worth a visit!

22 Jul 2011


I made this fruity card with summer in mind!


Here's a few photos of my work exhibited at 'BRINK', which was open from 7th-11th July 2011 in The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. The ant from one of my pieces was taken, amongst others, vectorised and made into a vinyl and placed in the show!

The A3 prints are each on sale as a limited edition of 10, for more information please contact me on contact@annettejohns.com


At the 'BRINK' exhibition I was approached by Byron Mae, giving exposure to a wide range of artists around London he asked to interview me about my work: