14 Apr 2012


This is a card I made for a Golden Wedding Anniversary:

front view
front of card
inside of card

(A5 size - drawn using fineliner, pencil, grapite stick, watercolour crayon and pencil, liquid gold)

23 Feb 2012


As a collective, Paper Jukebox decided to produce portraits of each other to put onto the website, as a way to showcase the diversity of our styles. This was the first time I had done a portrait in this fashion, using detailed pencil drawing alongside naive colours, so I found it quite a challenge to make the different aspects come together. However, I think that I managed to find a way for it to work:
(A4 size - pencil, graphite, fineliner, watercolour crayon)
Commissions welcome - contact@annettejohns.com

17 Jan 2012


A parrot card made for a friend...
(A5 size - watercolour crayon and pencil, graphite, fineliner)