29 Jun 2011


From 7th-11th July I will be exhibiting at the AUCB Illustration show 'BRINK' at Free Range, Brick Lane, London, along with Fine Art and Architecture. I have created these two additional pieces which will be alongside my series of outcomes from my final project. The other 6 illustrations can currently be seen on show at the Illustration Degree Show AUCB, Bournemouth.

The A3 prints are on sale as a limited edition of 10, for further enquires please email contact@annettejohns.com

22 Jun 2011


I have recently begun an internship with South West Artwork; a company devoted to the promotion of art culture in the South West of England, giving artists opportunities to exhibit and publicise their work. Amoungst other things, I will be updating their blog and social network sites (facebook, twitter), keeping artists informed of upcoming projects as well as sourcing artwork to sell in the Boscombe based shop 'What Alice Found' so keep your eyes peeled!

If you are interested in selling artwork or have any further enquiries please get in touch.

8 Jun 2011


A card I produced, which can be used for different occasions. I am thinking of creating a series similar to this:

(ladybird detail)

7 Jun 2011


Given a very quick turnaround, I produced this cover for Dubba Jonny's next release of 'What Have You Got/Space Blasters' on the new label Liyan Records, unfortunately shortly after the tracks for release were changed so my artwork won't be used. I am currently building a website for Liyan Records, which should hopefully be up and running in the next few days.